People commonly think of a Xeriscaped™ yard as one where rocks and cacti dominate the landscape. Desert plants that require very little water may be appropriate for West Texas and the Panhandle, but Xeriscaping simply means selecting plants that will thrive under natural conditions wherever they are placed, without becoming destructively invasive. Native plants are ideal, because they have proven their ability to compete with other plant species, flourish without additional irrigation, and resist the common pests and plant diseases of the region.

Adapted plants that are native to regions with similar conditions, or that have been selectively bred to flourish in their new homes, can also be YardWise choices for the home environment. Unless you want your yard to stand out as an oddity, and spend lots of time and money maintaining it, native and adapted plants will provide a visually pleasing and low-maintenance yard, no matter what part of the state you call home.

The following links will guide you to an amazing variety of trees and other plants that are well-suited to your region, your budget, and your taste. In addition, the Local Resources contacts for your region can help you select a beautiful mix of plants that is appropriate to your climate, soil, and other local features.

Recommended Native Plants

Tree Selection

Ornamental Selection

Some economically important ornamental plants can cause problems when they escape your yard. Be sure to do your homework when selecting ornamentals and avoid those plants that are invasive in parks and natural areas.